Multi-Function Electrolytic Water

  1. Rich in Highly Active Negative Ionic Water
  2. Used for cleaning jewellery
  3. Used to remove the dust, stains and static of the TV, computer monitors and telephone
  4. Used in cleaning furniture, floor, door glass,window glass and sanitary appliances
  5. Used in cleaning kitchen ventilator, furnace platform, refrigerator, microwave and oven. It removes peculiar smell


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Electrolytic water is a unique stain removal agent that deals with tough stain. Be it on your clothing, tables, Television, Computer monitor, Telephone, kitchen, Refrigerator, Microwave, Oven and all sorts of other stains, this is the best that you can rely on. it helps  remove both watery and oily stains. it  remove stains from fabrics instantly or for treating prior to washing. it remove hard rust stain . it remove strong Ink stain. Top tip, do not allow  the stain dry, tackle it as soon as possible to save you time in the long run. please turn off appliance while cleaning with Electrolytic water. it gives good smell after usage.


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