iLife Laundry Detergent

  1. removes all forms of residue dirt easily
  2. it has a neutral formula that does not affect the skin or clothes
  3. it does not contain phosphorus, aluminum or other harmful ingredients
  4. it is safe for laundry.
  5. it is safe for both adult and children.
  6. perfect for silk clothing and high grade underwear.
  7. it is a perfect softener.


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Greenleaf Laundry Detergent is a formulation of the highest standards and purest laundry detergent with 99% natural ingredients. No added phosphates and petrochemicals, artificial ingredients, bleaching agents or external fragrance which will irritate skin. Consist of biodegradable ingredients. Greenleaf products are manufactured under stringent quality control using only the finest materials that is safe and effective.

Usage: 10-20ml / 3-5L of water                 Packaging: 1kg

Weight 1 kg


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